Science News

Extinction crisis 'poses existential threat to civilisation'

A study presents more evidence that the world is in the midst of a sixth mass extinction.

Monster or Machine? A Profile of the Coronavirus at 6 Months

Our “hidden enemy,” in plain sight.

Going Viral, or Not, in the Milky Way

Is the pandemic a rehearsal for our own cosmic mortality?

‘Going in the Wrong Direction’: More Tropical Forest Loss in 2019

Brazil was responsible for more than a third of the total global loss in 2019.

U.S. Ruling Could Mean a Flood of New Claims Against Volkswagen

Judges on Monday cleared the way for counties to pursue the automaker, which already faces more than $20 billion in federal penalties for cheating on pollution tests, under local laws.

Coronavirus News: Live Updates

“You see mass gatherings that could potentially be infecting hundreds and hundreds of people after everything we have done,” New York’s governor said. Hong Kong has banned an annual Tiananmen Square vigil, citing the virus.

After 6 Months, Important Mysteries About Coronavirus Endure

Times journalists summarize some of the most critical things that scientists and public health officials have yet to understand.

Six Months of Coronavirus: Here’s Some of What We’ve Learned

Much remains unknown and mysterious, but these are some of the things we’re pretty sure of after half a year of this pandemic.

How to Read a Coronavirus Study, or Any Science Paper

Published scientific research, like any piece of writing, is a peculiar literary genre.

In-home antibody test shows promise; recovering surgery patients at risk from coronavirus

The following is a brief roundup of some of the latest scientific studies on the novel coronavirus and efforts to find treatments and vaccines for COVID-19, the illness caused by the virus.

E.P.A. Limits States’ Power to Oppose Pipelines and Other Energy Projects

The agency tweaked the rules on how to apply the Clean Water Act, which New York and other states have used to fight fossil-fuel ventures.

U.S. and Chinese Scientists Trace Evolution of Coronaviruses

Researchers whose canceled U.S. grant caused an outcry from other scientists urge preventive monitoring of viruses in southwestern China.

Live Coronavirus News Updates

Hong Kong has banned an annual Tiananmen Square vigil, citing the virus. Protests in the United States have raised concerns about a second wave of infections. Despite the unrest, U.S. stocks wavered and global markets rose.

Climate change: May was sunniest calendar month on record in UK

Meteorologists say the switch from an extremely wet winter to an extremely dry spring is not "British".

States Warn That Virus May Doom Climate Projects

A billion-dollar program to protect cities from climate change is at risk of failing because the pandemic.

Coronavirus Live Updates: U.S. Sends Two Million Hydroxychloroquine Doses to Brazil

The two countries are studying whether the drug is safe and effective for the prevention and early treatment of Covid-19. And protests in the United States have sparked fears of spreading the virus.

Conservation: Glimmer of hope for world's rarest primate

The discovery of a new breeding pair raises hope for the future of a critically endangered gibbon.

Will Protests Spark a Second Viral Wave?

Across the country, mayors, public health experts and other officials worry that even though many protesters are wearing masks, the risk of new coronavirus cases will increase as thousands gather.

Nasa SpaceX launch: What is the Crew Dragon?

A guide to SpaceX's Crew Dragon vehicle, which carried astronauts to the space station.

Russian space agency calls Trump's reaction to SpaceX launch 'hysteria'

Russia's space agency criticized U.S. President Donald Trump's "hysteria" about the first spaceflight of NASA astronauts from U.S. soil in nine years, but also said on Sunday it was pleased there was now another way to travel into space.

Red Hugh: Spanish dig for the bones of 'Fighting Prince of Donegal'

The Irish chieftain was buried in the same Spanish chapel as Christopher Columbus.

What Time Is the SpaceX Arrival at the Space Station? How to Watch

Nineteen hours after launching, two NASA astronauts will arrive at the International Space Station.

Coronavirus Live Updates: G7 Summit Is Postponed

President Trump made the announcement after Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany said she would not be able to attend the meeting of world leaders next month in the U.S., citing the pandemic.

Trump Hopes for His Own Booster Shot From SpaceX Rocket Launch

The president, beleaguered by a pandemic, economic troubles and racial unrest, viewed the liftoff as a welcome moment of triumph that he celebrated with a campaign rally-style speech.

Climate change: How a green new deal really could go global

Chief Environment correspondent Justin Rowlatt considers the prospects for a big economic makeover.

Coronavirus: The mystery of 'silent spreaders'

Scientists have discovered more evidence about a strange and worrying feature of the coronavirus

Millipede from Scotland is world's oldest-known land animal

A fossilized millipede-like creature discovered in Scotland may represent the oldest-known land animal, a humble pioneer of terrestrial living 425 million years ago that helped pave the way for the throngs that would eventually inhabit Earth's dry parts.

NASA resumes human spaceflight from U.S. soil with historic SpaceX launch

SpaceX, the private rocket company of billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, launched two Americans toward orbit from Florida on Saturday in a mission that marks the first spaceflight of NASA astronauts from U.S. soil in nine years.

Crew on board as SpaceX, NASA to try again for landmark launch of two astronauts

The two-man crew entered the capsule that will take them to the International Space Station on Saturday, as Elon Musk's private rocket company SpaceX was set for a repeat attempt at launching the Americans into orbit for a mission that would be the first spaceflight of NASA astronauts from U.S. soil in nine years.

Live SpaceX NASA Launch Updates

Here’s what you need to know about Saturday’s second launch attempt of NASA astronauts in the Crew Dragon spacecraft.