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Former Maldives president is off life support after bomb attack

Police make two arrests in connection with explosion at Mohamed Nasheed’s family home in Malé

The former Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed is conscious after life-saving surgery, his family said on Saturday, as police made two arrests in connection with an explosion they said was being treated as a terror attack.

Nasheed, the president of the ruling Maldivian Democratic party and the current parliament speaker, was critically injured after a bomb exploded as he left his family home in the capital Malé on Thursday.

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The sleazy, sordid Matt Gaetz scandal: are the walls now closing in on him?

Investigation into Florida congressman is reported to have grown beyond sex trafficking allegations

There could have been no more fitting venue for the bellicose US congressman Matt Gaetz to launch his nationwide “America first” speaking tour than The Villages. Where better to perpetuate the fantasy that all is going well for a politician seen as the “ultimate Maga bro” than Florida’s ultra-conservative “Disney World for retirees”?

Related: Florida governor signs new restrictive bill in ‘blatant attack on right to vote’

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‘I hope you know this was never about football’: coaching my daughter’s team

When we started training, I thought it was for her sake. So why do I dread the day my daughter hangs up her boots?

One day you’ll understand that this was never about football. It could have been anything. I just wanted to be where you were, as much as possible, for as long as you let me.

When you were five we had an argument in the car on the way to a training session. I don’t know exactly what it was about. As I mentioned, you were five, so it could have been anything: how I’d packed the wrong sort of corn crackers, or how after you’d bitten into one of them it had corners on it and you hated corners, or how I didn’t understand how much you hated corners because I obviously never cared about your feelings because I probably wouldn’t even care if you like died! If I really loved you, I would have bought the right corn crackers, the corner-less kind. It was one of those arguments. It ended as we stopped at a red light and you said something and I said something back, and you said something kind of mean and I lost my temper and said: “If you’re going to fight this much with me every time we go to train, I really don’t have to put this much time into being the coach!”

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At India’s Funeral Pyres, Covid Sunders the Rites of Grief

Mourners in protective gear, or watching from home. Long waits at the cremation grounds. The trauma of loss has become both lonely and public.

Roger Federer on His New Gig: Swiss Tourism Spokesman

In his new role, the tennis champion and avowed chocolate lover, shares favorite places to hike, play tennis and eat in his home country.

UK high-speed trains cancelled after cracks found in carriages

Great Western Railway and London North Eastern Railway urgently inspect more than 1,000 trains

Great Western Railway and London North Eastern Railway services have been suspended over fears of cracks in carriages, with passengers urged not to travel.

Urgent inspections are being carried out in more than 1,000 trains across the two operators’ fleets, after hairline cracks were discovered in several of its high-speed trains.

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The Separate Worlds of Bill and Melinda Gates

They built an empire that was essential in the pandemic. Now, their impending divorce makes personal a shift that confidants say was well underway in their philanthropic roles.

7 Steps to Take Now to Catch Up on Retirement Savings

Even if your finances weren’t devastated by the pandemic recession, many Americans have not yet started saving. Here’s what you can do.

Cost of building work on UK homes to rise as price of materials soars

Booming housing market as ‘incredible demand’ fuels shortage of essentials from concrete and timber to taps and roof tiles

UK homeowners face higher bills for renovation work as builders grapple with soaring material costs and shortages of essentials ranging from concrete and timber to taps and roof tiles in a booming housing market.

“It is a bit like going to Sainsbury’s and them not having any bread, milk or eggs in,” said Paul Bence, the managing director of builders merchants Bence, of the runaway demand for supplies that is emptying shelves. “Cement is our bread and butter and we would normally keep a good 10 days stock. We would not operate a ‘just-in-time’ model … but that’s effectively where we are right now.”

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Seeing the Real Faces of Silicon Valley

For many midlevel engineers and food truck workers and longtime residents, a region filled with extremes has become increasingly inhospitable.

Don't overreact to a stock's post-earnings decline because the market can be wrong, Cramer says

CNBC's Jim Cramer explains why investors should focus on doing their own homework after earnings reports before selling a stock.


French military pilot tied up on firing range during bombing as hazing prank

Lawyer gives details of airman’s complaint over Corsica incident where he was tied to target while bombs and bullets hailed around

A French pilot has filed a legal complaint after being subjected to a hazing ritual in which he was tied to a target and had fighter jets open fire around him, his lawyer has said.

The young man had just been posted to an airbase in the south of the island of Corsica in March 2019 when he was grabbed by colleagues and tied up with adhesive tape, his lawyer said, confirming details first published in La Provence newspaper.

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At least 7 million people are likely to get unemployment tax refunds

About 7.3 million tax returns processed by early March appear to qualify for a new unemployment tax break, according to a report.

Green Dot joins corporate exodus from California as fintech firm moves to Austin

The move follows the departures announced last year of technology giants including Oracle, Palantir and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

Montana, South Carolina to kick people off jobless benefits even as unemployment rises

Montana and South Carolina are ending participation in federal unemployment programs in June. More states may follow.

Stocks making the biggest moves midday: Square, Peloton, Roku, Shake Shack, Expedia & more

Check out the companies making headlines in midday trading.


Harry Redknapp in EastEnders, and five other surprise celebrity TV cameos

The ex-football manager is EastEnders' shock loan signing. Here are five other TV celebrity cameos.

Why Ellen DeGeneres is living at Courteney Cox's house

Don't worry, Ellen DeGeneres is still very much married.

Hitman guilty of T2 Trainspotting actor Bradley Welsh's murder

Sean Orman shot Bradley Welsh outside his Edinburgh flat in what the judge described as an "assassination".

'The Bachelor' Matt James explains getting back together with Rachel Kirkconnell

Matt James isn't ready to give up on his relationship with Rachael Kirkconnell

'Monster' gets a belated Netflix showcase, but the cast is better than the movie

"Monster" represents a minor coup for Netflix, not as much due to the movie's merits as who's in it. More than three years after its festival run in 2018, the film arrives with a timely theme and a cast whose stock has soared in the intervening time -- including Kelvin Harrison Jr., Jharrel Jerome and John David Washington -- making this one for the time capsule if nothing else.

'Here Today' pairs Billy Crystal and Tiffany Haddish in a gone-tomorrow comedy

In the spirit of Billy Crystal's last directing effort for the baseball movie "61*," "Here Today" serves up slow pitches for Crystal and Tiffany Haddish to knock out of the park, delivering another comedic odd couple with carefully massaged heart. As thin star showcases go, it's an occasionally effective bit of comfort food, arriving as theaters reopen and served with a generous side of schmaltz.

The Circle: Channel 4 decides not to re-commission the reality show

The show began in 2018 and went on to have three regular series and one celebrity one.


The Art Party Circuit Comes Roaring Back at Frieze New York

But even Michael R. Bloomberg, whose name graces the building, got stuck outside the Shed until he provided the proper Covid documentation.

Got Masks? Here's What to Do With Them.

As more people are vaccinated and guidelines around mask wearing are easing, some are finding ways to preserve, repurpose and recycle their face coverings.

Jake Tapper’s Hero Is Embedded With the Rat Pack, Hoping to Catch a Rat

Tapper’s new thriller, “The Devil May Dance,” plumbs the connections among Hollywood, the Mafia and the Kennedy administration.

Trying to Imagine Post-Pandemic Life? Virginia Woolf and Toni Morrison Can Help

“To the Lighthouse” and “Beloved” suggest how to envision a world we might actually want to re-enter.

Former Dance School Official Pleads Guilty to $1.5 Million Fraud

The former official, Sophia Kim, was a comptroller of the Kirov Academy of Ballet, a school founded in 1990 by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

Anita Lane, Rocker Who Was More Than a Muse, Is Dead at 61

Ms. Lane was Nick Cave’s collaborator and girlfriend during his formative period and helped define his sound. She also made records of her own.

Review: ‘Waiting for Godot’ in the Bleakest Zoom Room Ever

Ethan Hawke and John Leguizamo star as Beckett’s tragicomic tramps — minus the comic part.


N.C.A.A. Chief, Pressured by State Laws, Pushes to Let Athletes Cash In

Five states are poised to allow college athletes to profit from their fame starting on July 1, and the N.C.A.A.’s leader says the association is preparing to respond.

Canelo Álvarez Is Back, and Boxing Is Back to Its Usual Uncertainty

Beyond Álvarez’s bout on Saturday night with Billy Joe Saunders, it is not very clear where boxing is headed. Thank the sport’s usual gamesmanship.

Wade Miley Waits Out Delay and Throws Season’s Fourth No-Hitter

The Reds scored three runs in 9th to break 0-0 tie. The Mets won in extra innings and the Yankees got crushed.

Nine of 12 Super League clubs recommit to UEFA and admit project was a mistake

European football's governing body, UEFA, says nine of the 12 founding clubs that formed the ill-fated breakaway Super League competition have recommitted to UEFA club and national team competitions.

Zion Williamson’s Year in College Was Worth More Than He Got

His name surfaces again in a lawsuit over shoe company payments to college players. But the surprising part is the paltry sums involved.


NASA Mars Helicopter Makes One-Way Flight to New Mission

Ingenuity has flown almost flawlessly through the red planet’s thin air and will now assist the science mission of the Perseverance rover.

You Can Run From Archaeology, but You Can’t Hide

Plus: A plummeting rocket, a superstar ant, staff recommendations and more in the Friday edition of the Science Times newsletter.

In Covid Vaccine Data, L.G.B.T.Q. People Fear Invisibility

Few states collect sexual orientation or gender identity data, so no one knows how many people in some communities are getting vaccinated.

Meet the Other Social Influencers of the Animal Kingdom

Culture, once considered exclusive to humans, turns out to be widespread in nature.

A Giant Wood Moth Surfaced at an Australian School

A giant wood moth, the heaviest of all known moths, appeared on the side of a school building in Queensland, Australia, enthralling students who are used to diverse wildlife.


Amazon employee dies at Bessemer, Alabama, warehouse, site of unionization drive

Amazon declined to share further details about the situation, noting that it was a personal medical incident.

Amazon mails postcards to sellers to prove their addresses are real

By authenticating sellers' addresses, it could help Amazon weed out counterfeiters and other bad actors on its third-party marketplace.

Tesla can’t promise driverless cars in 2021, engineer tells California DMV

In a Jan. 2021 earnings call, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said he was "highly confident the car will be able to drive itself with reliability in excess of human this year."

Computer Chips Are the New Toilet Paper


TripAdvisor 'sorry' for offensive Auschwitz review

TripAdvisor initially found nothing wrong with a death camp review containing a gas chamber "joke".