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Mexican experts piece together 41 bodies found in well

Forensic examiners in western Mexico say they've pieced together a total of 41 bodies from bags full of body parts found in a well

Canada’s intelligence service: theft of information is 'potentially devastating'

Theft of classified information by a senior intelligence officer could ‘cause grave injury to Canada’s national interests’

The theft of classified information by a senior intelligence officer could be “devastating” to Canada’s national security, the country’s spy service has warned, as concern over the security breach continues to grow.

In a series of internal documents obtained by the CBC, Canada’s intelligence service outlined fears that details of the country’s spycraft could have been comprised after the theft of sensitive information by Cameron Ortis, 47, a director general with the Royal Canadian mounted police’s intelligence unit.

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June Hautot obituary

My friend June Hautot, who has died aged 82, was a determined campaigner for the National Health Service and battled to protect community rights.

In 2012 June was demonstrating against NHS cuts outside Downing Street when the then health secretary, Andrew Lansley, tried to thread his way through the crowd and failed to see June in his way. She would not let him pass without giving him a piece of her mind. Their encounter was caught on camera and widely reported in the press, with clips shown on the BBC news and follow-up interviews on TV.

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Activists push U.S. Congress to pass Hong Kong bill

Hong Kong democracy activists urged members of the U.S. Congress on Tuesday to pass legislation to combat human rights abuses in the city, rejecting any suggestion that such a move would be inappropriate U.S. involvement in another country's affairs.

Battered Saudi oil output to recover in two or three weeks: sources

Saudi Arabia sought to calm markets on Tuesday after an unprecedented attack on its oil facilities, with sources saying output was recovering much more quickly than initially forecast and could be fully back in two or three weeks.

EU's Tusk urges bloc to back talks with Balkan neighbors

The European Union's outgoing president, Donald Tusk, on Tuesday urged the bloc's members to back entry talks with North Macedonia and Albania, saying they had lived up to their tasks and Europe would not be stable without the Balkans in the European Union.


Facebook Expands Definition of Terrorist Organizations to Limit Extremism

The change was one of several Facebook announced ahead of a hearing with federal lawmakers on Wednesday.

GM says White House has no involvement in UAW contract talks

General Motors Co said Tuesday the White House has no involvement in contract talks with the United Auto Workers aimed at ending a nationwide strike that began late Sunday.

Juul's sales halted in China days after launch

U.S. e-cigarette maker Juul Labs Inc said on Tuesday its products were not currently available on e-commerce web sites in China, days after it entered the world's single-largest market for tobacco consumption with over 300 million smokers.

Amazon starts hiring own drivers in German last-mile delivery push

Amazon has begun hiring its own drivers in Germany and plans to open 11 more distribution centers to expand its delivery business in its second biggest market, the firm's German logistics chief said in an interview.

How an Oil Price Surge Could Hurt the U.S. Economy

The spike in oil prices after the drone attacks in Saudi Arabia won’t start a recession. But a sustained surge in energy prices might have a bigger impact.


Death on a toilet: the shocking Paris show that almost sank Francis Bacon

It was meant to put the artist on a par with Picasso. But it was thrown into chaos by the suicide of his lover and muse. As Bacon returns to haunt the French capital, we recall a tragic, game-changing show

Last Tango in Paris, Bernardo Bertolucci’s controversial piece of 70s art cinema, begins with an oil painting of a man on a red bed wearing just a T-shirt, flashing fleshy legs as his face explodes in inky smears. He’s in a room with a green carpet and yellow walls. For a few moments, Bertolucci shows just this portrait – of Lucian Freud by Francis Bacon – then a sensual jazz score slowly starts, and the film’s opening credits roll alongside this unmoving canvas. It is succeeded by a brutally dissected female figure sitting on a wooden chair – another Bacon portrait, this time of Henrietta Moraes. Eventually, the two paintings are seen side by side. Then we cut to Marlon Brando in a camel overcoat on a Paris bridge, yelling: “Fucking God!”

Behind Bertolucci’s eerie use of these oil paintings is the shocking story of an art exhibition that gripped Paris, established Bacon as the great European artist he had always dreamt of being – and left a man dead in a hotel toilet. Bertolucci was so astounded by Bacon’s solo show at the Grand Palais – which opened in October 1971, just as he was preparing to make his film in the French capital – that he took Brando to see it. He urged the actor, he later recalled, to “compare himself with Bacon’s human figures because I felt that, like them, Marlon’s face and body were characterised by a strange and infernal plasticity”.

Realising he couldn’t directly bid for Picasso’s crown unless he painted the female body, Bacon got in training

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Climate crisis justified removal of Macron portrait, judge rules

Judge acquits two climate crisis protesters, saying their act was legitimate call on president to do more

Two climate crisis protesters who removed Emmanuel Macron’s portrait from an official building were justified in doing so because of the severity of the climate crisis, a French judge has said.

​The ​judge in the southern city of Lyon acquitted the pair of theft in a ruling hailed as historic by campaigners.

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French police clear ‘security hazard’ migrant camp

About 1,000 people removed from site near Dunkirk after court orders its closure

French police began clearing about 1,000 people from a migrant camp near Dunkirk after a court ruled it was a health and security hazard.

The mayor of Grande-Synthe opened up a sports hall to migrant families seeking shelter from the cold in December 2018.

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'Banker to the stars' Frédéric Levesque goes on trial in France

Financier accused of cheating rich celebrity clients out of millions of euros

To the directors and celebrities who came to him for money to fund their projects, Frédéric Levesque was clever, charming, intelligent and the man who never said non.

He took their calls at any time of the day or night, calmed them and proposed solutions to their financial woes; on occasions he did not even ask them to sign documents on the loans he made for hundreds of thousands of euros, they told French investigators..

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Fund managers have not joined race into cheap, value stocks: BAML survey

Fund managers have not piled into so-called value stocks, which have been shunned during the decade-long technology-led boom, even as shares in beaten-down companies have rallied over the past week,...


Seinfeld and Big Bang Theory deals prove old is gold in streaming wars

Seinfeld and The Big Bang Theory follow Friends and The Office in sealing huge streaming deals.

Taylor Swift announces 2020 tour with only 2 US stops

Prepare for some mourning from the Swifties.

Second arrest over theft of artist's solid gold toilet

Police are still searching for the £4.8m 18-carat loo which was stolen in a raid at Blenheim Palace.

Alex Trebek back in chemotherapy after 'numbers went sky high'

Alex Trebek says he has restarted chemotherapy on his doctor's orders.

Paul Hogan says he's great as 'Crocodile Dundee' but not as a husband

Paul Hogan has been married twice, but according to him, he's not too good at it.

Amazon launches HD music streaming

The company is the first of the "big three" streaming services to offer CD-quality audio.

NBCUniversal names streaming service 'Peacock,' to launch in 2020

Comcast Corp's NBCUniversal will name its upcoming streaming service "Peacock," offering a broad slate of original content, including "Dr Death" starring Emmy and Golden Globe winner Alec Baldwin, the company said on Tuesday.

'Dancing with the Stars' returns with splash, sparkle and Spicer

"Dancing with the Stars" Season 28 premiered Monday, bringing with it plenty splash on and off the show.


In Rare Show of Defiance, Russian Celebrities Rally Behind Jailed Actor

Though the theater and film industries are firmly controlled by the Kremlin, many Russian actors spoke out against what they called a trumped-up case.

A Translator’s Tribute to the Lifesaving Power of Words

In her evocative memoir, “Homesick,” Jennifer Croft recalls, in words and images, her troubled childhood and the solace she found in language.

Alex Trebek Says He’s in a New Round of Chemotherapy

The “Jeopardy!” host revealed in March that he had Stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

At the Whitney Biennial, Flood Preparation as Social Dance

The choreographer Madeline Hollander has devised simple looping steps, with names like “zigzag waltz,” in a piece that meets climate change with ritual.

Cokie and Steven Roberts: A Half-Century of Changing Together

“Candor is overrated. I don’t mean deception or secrets. I mean real mutual respect, which leads to being gentle, loving, cautious and careful at times.”

St. John the Divine Cathedral Is in Recovery Mode

While all eyes are on Paris’s fire-ravaged Notre-Dame, New York’s St. John the Divine cathedral is dealing with the aftermath of a fire of its own.

Women Poop. At Work. Get Over It.

It’s time to smash the pootriarchy.


Bruins sign D Carlo to two-year, $5.7 million deal

The Boston Bruins locked up another young defenseman Tuesday, signing Brandon Carlo to a two-year contract worth $5.7 million.

Iran's female fans find soccer buzz in cafes and malls

On match days Iran's young female soccer fans cram Tehran's shopping centers and cafes, their faces painted with the Iranian flag and beaming with excitement, as they follow their national team on giant television screens alongside male fans.

Golf: Champions Tour to launch Morocco tournament

The Champions Tour signed a five-year deal to play a tournament in Morocco beginning in 2020.


First measurements of 'interstellar comet'

Astronomers report measurements from a presumed interstellar comet, providing clues about its chemical composition.

Wild wheat genetics offer climate hope for food crops

Wild relatives of food crops, such as wheat, host an abundant array of genetic material to help the plants cope with a changing climate.

Meat Is Murder. But You Know That Already.

In his new essay collection, “We Are the Weather,” Jonathan Safran Foer turns his attention to the climate crisis. Mark Bittman weighs in.

Hurricanes May Kill Some Birds, but Humans Are the Real Threat

When the time comes to assess the environmental damage from Hurricane Dorian, one species may be extinct, but it's not Dorian's fault

World's biggest amphibian 'discovered' in museum

DNA from historical museum specimens may help save the giant salamander from extinction in the wild.


Facebook to use police video to recognise shooters

The technology giant will provide body cameras to Metropolitan Police officers on firearms training.

'Racist' AI art warns against bad training data

An AI art exhibition is facing criticism for using racist and sexist tags to classify its users.

Huobi announces launch of cryptocurrency exchange in Argentina

Huobi Group, which runs one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges, announced on Tuesday the official launch of a digital asset exchange in Argentina.

IPhone 11 and 11 Pro Review: Thinking Differently in the Golden Age of Smartphones

This is not your typical gadget review. That’s because it is time to rethink when to upgrade your iPhone.

Gatwick Airport commits to facial recognition tech at boarding

The London airport will regularly scan passengers' faces at departure gates from 2022.